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The Research Center for Postcolonial and Posttotalitarian Studies was launched on March, 1st, 2015 as a result of a cooperation between the Interdisciplinary Studies on Posttotalitarianisms at the Institute of Slavonic Studies and the Postcolonial Studies Center at the Institute of English Studies, both at the Faculty of Philology at Wrocław University. RCPP is designed as the international academic and research network whose goal is to link, within the interdisciplinary and comparative framework, the dispersed, postcolonially-inflected critical reflection on posttotalitarian discourses in cultures and literatures of Central and Eastern Europe. The Center has been created in order to level out asymmetries and develop channels of dialogue between western and Central-Eastern European critical discourse in the area of postcolonial and posttotalitarian (including postcommunist) studies.

The Center’s primary goal is to inspire innovative strands of reflection in Central and Eastern-European humanities and to reinforce an effect of synergy in the exchange of critical thought, together with the development of best research practices attuned to the challenges of the contemporary, globalized yet complexly divided world. Within this horizon, the research on culture geared by the intersection of postcolonial and posttotalitarian studies remains a crucial critical intervention, capable of interrogating complex clusters of discourses pertaining to politics (global, regional and national), history, collective memory, identity, and other sections of overlapping social and cultural spaces.

Our initiatives are planned as research programs and projects whose aim is to create a comparative space of critical reflection. The transfer of academic thought will take the form of roundtables, discussion panels, seminars, lectures and conferences, followed up by publications, in order to promote the knowledge of culture, research, history and societies of the posttotalitarian countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Inscribing our research within the horizon of postcolonial studies , we are opening up an environment for a critical dialogue between overlapping disciplines in their ethical, social and political dimension.

SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE: prof. dr. habil. Bogusław Bakuła, Prof. dr. Vitaly Chernetsky, prof. dr. habil. Hanna Gosk, prof. dr. habil. Benedikts Kalnačs, prof. Marko Pavlyshyn, prof. dr. habil. Oleksandr Pronkevych, dr Dorota Kołodziejczyk.

CHAIR of RCPP: dr. habil. Agnieszka Matusiak, prof. UWr

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